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Weight Management

Weight Management services offered in Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek, CO

Weight management is much easier when knowledgeable weight loss experts guide you. At Gorman Medical, PC, the friendly team understands the challenge of weight management. Through years of experience, they’ve developed a personalized approach to weight loss that focuses on contributing health issues, lifestyle, patient goals, and evidence-based medicine. Call the Colorado Springs or Cripple Creek, Colorado office, or book your appointment online. 

What is weight management? 

Weight management is more than a diet. It refers to long-term lifestyle changes that are tailored to help you reach and remain at a healthy weight based on your age, sex, and height. 

How does medical weight management work?

Medical weight management is unique to your situation, but in general, some of the main focuses are: 

Identifying contributing issues

Some health problems, such as nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, and thyroid disease, can cause cravings and other issues affecting your eating. At the beginning of your weight management program, you have a complete health and lifestyle evaluation to check for problems and warning signs of disease.

Creating a customized eating plan

Your customized eating plan adapts to your personal preferences and goals. Eating plans are nutritionally balanced and focus on helping you reach your weight goals without starving or feeling deprived all the time. Long-term change is critical, so you learn healthy eating principles you can draw upon for a lifetime, long after you reach your goals.

Weight loss boosters

Some patients in medical weight loss programs may qualify for oral medications, supplements, injections, or other weight loss boosters. These products work hand-in-hand with your customized eating plan. Generally, weight loss boosters are more of a short-term measure to jump-start your progress in the early weeks and months of your weight loss journey. 

Long-term weight control

Reaching your goal weight is just one aspect of weight loss. To keep the weight off, you should keep practicing the new principles you’ve learned. Gorman Medical, PC, is always here to guide you with support for your weight maintenance.

What benefits does weight management offer me?

Weight management can lead to a new figure, but it’s even more significant for your bodywide health. Losing weight can lower your cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy weight gives you more energy and better sleep and can even improve your mood and self-esteem.

Is your weight up and down, or do you struggle to lose weight in the first place? The Gorman Medical, PC, team understands the struggle. They give you the evidence-based tools you need to take control of your weight and improve your health. Call the office or book your appointment online today.

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