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Men's Health services offered in Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek, CO

Men’s health problems, including erectile dysfunction and prostate disorders, are common and distressing. If you develop conditions like these, visit one of Gorman Medical, PC’s offices in Colorado Springs or Cripple Creek, Colorado, for expert care. The team has extensive experience successfully diagnosing and treating men’s health problems. Call your nearest Gorman Medical, PC office today to request an appointment or schedule a men’s health consultation by completing the online booking form.

What problems affect men’s health?

Many conditions that harm men’s health also affect everyone else, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • High cholesterol
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Skin cancer (melanoma)
  • Chronic pain conditions like arthritis

However, men also develop disorders specific to the male reproductive system and, therefore, don’t affect women. Men’s health services often focus on these, but the comprehensive care the Gorman Medical, PC team provides ensures you enjoy improved wellness.

What men’s health conditions might affect me?

Common men’s health issues include:

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction issues include premature ejaculation (ejaculating too soon), erectile dysfunction (an inability to get or maintain an erection), and conditions like Peyronie’s disease, where scar tissue causes a curvature that’s painful when the penis is erect. Sexual health problems can be devastating and severely affect a man’s self-esteem.

Low testosterone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. It controls numerous things, from hair growth and muscle mass to fertility. Some men have too little testosterone, either because of hypogonadism (insufficient testosterone production) or an age-related decline. Low testosterone can cause muscle mass loss, thinning hair, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and lack of drive.

Prostate problems

The prostate gland sits under the bladder, wrapping around the ureter — a tube carrying urine to your penis. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common problem where the prostate swells and compresses the ureter. This causes urinary flow problems and urgency, which can be very distressing.

Prostate cancer, while less common, causes similar symptoms. It’s vital to attend a regular physical exam for a prostate check to identify cancer early when it’s highly treatable.

What treatments might benefit men’s health?

If you have a problem like erectile dysfunction, your provider can identify the cause and offer appropriate treatment, such as medication to tackle narrowed arteries. Or they might refer you for specialist care if you have a urological or psychological problem.

Testosterone replacement therapy can benefit men with low testosterone. You can wear a skin patch, allow a film to dissolve in your cheek, or have an implant under your skin that releases testosterone into your bloodstream.

Gorman Medical, PC offers complete men’s health care, including chronic care for long-term diseases and pain management services. Call to arrange a men’s health exam or schedule a consultation online today.

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