Available Screenings

Gorman Medical is pleased to announce a new screening program for adults and pediatric patients. A form showing the available screenings is available on the GM website: WELLNESS SCREENINGS.

Your provider will check off the tests needed. Most will be covered by insurance but non-covered tests will have a cash option to be paid up front.

Some of the tests will be performed at Colorado Springs Imaging (CSI). They will undergo the same scrutiny based on clinical recommendations, guidelines and patient needs. These tests include: imaging, chest x-ray, cardiac scoring CT, full body CT, ultra-sound carotids and abdomen, mammography, and bone densitometry.

GM will be performing the physical exam, EKG, chemistry profile, A1C levels, blood lipids, thyroid testing, CRP, PSA, Vitamin D levels, testosterone levels, Cologuard stool testing, uric acid, pap smears, immunization checks, skin checks, and depression screens.

Other tests such as echocardiogram, endoscopy, etc. will be patient focused and not routinely screened (barring colonoscopy if blood in stool or family history of colon cancer). 

Talk to your provider at your next appointment to see which screenings may benefit you.