Men's Health Clinical Recommendations & Guidelines

Guidelines for males under Gorman Medical primary care include strong considerations for the below listed clinical issues. Your NP or MD will evaluate your need for specific exams, lab, imaging and ancillary tests. The critical screening tests will be dependent upon family/personal history, prior or ongoing drug/alcohol/tobacco abuse and clinical physical exams.

  • Cardiovascular disease and blood clots (thrombus disorders)
  • Cancers (skin/prostate/lung/colon/blood testing)
  • Vision, hearing, kidney, lung and liver function testing
  • Metabolic disorders (blood lipids, diabetes, thyroid)
  • Infections (hepatitis/chlamydia in urine/AIDS if high risk) 
  • Proper diet, exercise, weight
  • Mental health (depression/anxiety)
  • Illicit drug use (alcohol/THC/tobacco/amphetamines/etc.)
  • Bone density

Disease screening is an exhaustive but highly needed and effective primary care process. It may SAVE your life or curtail disease early. Talk to your GM primary care provider at your next visit.