COVID-19: Testing, Hospitalization, Staying Healthy

Gorman Medical hopes that 2021 will bring COVID-19 to an end. Vaccinations, masks, social distancing, proper hygiene and common sense are all needed to curtail the spread of the virus. When the virus has no place to travel, it will ultimately subside. Until the virus goes away, here are some health factors to strongly consider: 

1) When and Where to Test for COVID-19 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anyone who thinks they have COVID-19 should monitor their symptoms. A fever, cough, and loss of taste and smell are all common symptoms and mean it’s a good idea to get tested.

There are multiple sites in Colorado Springs for COVID-19 testing. See

Gorman Medical and Walgreen’s drug stores also test patients. 

2) When to go to the Hospital 

People should seek emergency medical care immediately if there are any signs of trouble with breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, confusion, an inability to wake up or to stay awake, and bluish lips or face. These are what the CDC refers to as “emergency warning signs.”

3) Staying Healthy Emotionally and Physically 

Staying physically fit with proper diet, exercise, sleep and proper treatment of any physical ailment is a must during the COVID-19 epidemic. Small changes may make a critical difference (uncontrolled blood pressure, elevated glucose, weight gain, not sleeping, improper diet). It is vitally important if you have an underlying condition to properly check in with your provider to maximize your chances against COVID-19 and complications should you contract the disease. 

Emotionally, these COVID-19 life tips help: 

A) Realize your emotional health is critical to your physical and overall health.

B) Have hope that work, society and your life will return to normal. Wuhan, China where the outbreak of COVID-19 began now has many days of zero cases reported. Life is returning to normal for this Chinese province. If all health safeguards were maintained in China, the author’s opinion is that the highly contagious virus would have still spread globally. 

C) Schedule and structure your day to the hour. Occupy yourself and perhaps interact with people who formerly were close and with whom you want to reconnect. This is your time. Obviously, your family and close friends need phone calls, Skype/Zoom, emails and love. Projects that have been put on hold are awaiting if you have time. Books need reading while films and drama series need viewing; and it may be time to arrange your family almanac. People are planning family, work and class reunions, studying on-line classes and perfecting their artistry in painting or music. DO NOT sit around and cry about politics or the end of the world. Get on board and move forward with your interests in the context of your family/job. 

D) Reframe your perspective on life. Certain things and people in your life that are NOT important, let go. Projects, people, family and occupational needs that are mainstream to you and your inner circle need attention. Be productive where it matters. 

E) If anxiety or depression have set in beyond the limits of personal tolerance, contact Gorman Medical providers for assistance with medications, counseling or any other needs. Use telemedicine if you are of high risk for COVID-19, incur COVID-19 or have been in contact with a known COVID-19 carrier or suspected carrier. 

4) Health Care Maintenance, Referrals, Pain Management, Procedures and Ancillary Testing

Health care still occurs at Gorman Medical with common sense during the pandemic. If you are ill with viral symptoms, have contact with a suspected or known carrier of COVID-19 or are high risk (concurrent medical condition such as hypertension/diabetes/obesity/etc.), use telemedicine. We are treating patients with both telemedicine and clinic visits in a safe reasonable manner.

Gorman Medical staff that have incurred any viral symptoms or were exposed to a possible or known COVID-19 carrier are quarantined. Again, do NOT come to the clinic if there is any suggestion of viral symptoms (fever/cough/sore throat/diarrhea/loss of taste-smell/fatigue/etc.). Get COVID-19 tested in consultation with our staff if you have the viral symptoms above.