About Us

Gorman Medical offers exceptional healthcare for adults and children. We provide the highest quality of care for patients of all ages. Our practice specialties are Pain and Primary Care Medicine, ages newborn to end-of-life.

Pain Medicine
Our mission is simple: to relieve your chronic pain and improve your quality of life.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to ensure both your comfort and understanding of your chronic pain management plan. Whether through a procedure, therapy, or medication we prescribe for you, your individualized treatment program is aimed at enabling and empowering you to live a more enjoyable lifestyle. We take great pride in our approach to first assess each patient’s needs, target the source of their chronic pain and provide an accurate diagnosis that results in the most comprehensive pain management treatment plan.

Primary Care Medicine
Gorman Medical is designed to provide the highest quality primary care experience. We emphasize prevention, early and effective diagnosis, and evidence based treatments. We seek to provide the highest level of care through our highly skilled healthcare professionals. Our goal is to address individual patient needs and demands in a caring environment.